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Individual psychotherapy

The first three meetings serve to get to know each other; their purpose is that the therapist can become familiar with the Client’s life situation and the difficulties they want to discuss. For the Client, it is an opportunity to see whether they need the therapy and whether the therapist they chose and the methods used are suitable.

Only after those three meetings does the psychotherapy proper begin. Sessions take place each week, during which, the client, assisted by the therapist, has the opportunity to recognise their own emotions and needs, to find solutions that satisfy them, or to discover the right paths to overcome difficult situations and crises in their life. This way, the therapy helps making changes in everyday functioning, transforming the Client's approach to circumstances and people appearing in their life.

Each psychotherapy has its own pace and dynamic. For its whole duration, I offer full presence, care and authentic contact. Through joint effort, you can get back to your internal balance.

Face-to-face and online meetings

Your comfort and wellbeing are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is you who decide the form of the sessions. If you prefer direct contact, let me invite you to my office; if you feel more comfortable at home, let’s meet online.

Polish or English

Communication is the basis for finding the right way and getting back. Should there be any language barrier, I offer support in English.

Urszula Kubisiowska

About me

I am a therapist in training at the Gestalt Psychoterapists School in Krakow, accredited by the European Association of Psychotherapy.

I help people who are experiencing life difficulties or internal conflicts, those unable to cope with emotions and those who want to take care of their personal development, get to know themselves better and broaden their self-awareness.

I am a mature person, a teacher with 20 years of experience, a mother of three. I work under constant supervision, according to the rules of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy and the Code of Ethics of the Polish Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy. I work with clients in both Polish and English.

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